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Privacy & Soundproof Pods

Need a place to concentrate and work more efficiently? Privacy pods work. These modular soundproof enclosures come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are customized & stylized to match the aesthetic of any space. They are movable and made to fit in any space. 

  • Available in any size
  • Various Materials – glass, metal, fabric, laminate etc.
  • Private & Comfortable
  • Technologically Equipped – Phone, Charging, Internet, etc.
  • Ventilated
  • Lighting
  • Furnished

Call (516) 931-4818 or  click here for a FREE design consultation.

The Associated Corporate & Institutional Company proudly boasts of having a team of employee’s and Project Managers that have been integral to the planning and construction of a wide array of projects. ACISCO construction companies have built or renovated space ranging from small office renovations of a few hundred square feet and the build out of small retail stores to larger corporate projects greater than 75,000 square feet and the “from the ground” construction of super stores greater than 150,000 square feet. The company has experience with building and supervising such diverse projects as constructing ATM centers, bank branches, national chain pharmacies, fast food franchises, retail mass merchandising centers and discounters to renovating major corporate spaces. Our services can be used for setting up a new office, making small renovations and design modifications up to full-scale turn-key build outs. We also provide up front, free consultation to help with the initial planning and space evaluation process. When desirable, an ACISCO representative will schedule a meeting with a prospective client, their architect and an ACISCO Construction Manager and designer at no cost or obligation to ascertain the actual Scope of Work and determine what participation is needed from ACISCO. If a client has not yet contracted with an architect or designer, ACISCO will be happy to refer architects or designers with experience on similar projects. Through its ever evolving network of architects, designers and construction mangers ACISCO has a broad pool of talent from which to draw. To maintain our outstanding reputation we only associate with tradesmen and contractors who have an excellent record of successfully completing projects in a cost effective and timely manner utilizing either union or non union labor. Additionally, ACISCO will be happy to provide all necessary forms of insurance such as Workmen’s Compensation and General Liability, and provide bonding when called for by the client and project.